Geneva Trip: in the Old Town

I had a fantastic time in Geneva. It was so lovely to go back to a place that still feels very much like home and revisit old haunts of my younger self. I lived in the area from ages 0-5 and 15-18 so much of my childhood is coloured by the landscape of a blue lake, green fields and white-topped mountains. Happy memories seemed to fill every twist and turn of Geneva’s narrowed cobbled streets. Not much has changed since my last trip back 2 years ago; much to my relief, all my favourite cafes are still going strong!

I spent two afternoons exploring the Old Town. I think these photos show why I love it so much.

Genevois Chocolate and Chestnut Cake

Just in case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to in Geneva so far (I arrived this afternoon), these photos pretty much have it covered:

Yep, I’m barely off the plane and I’m hotfooting it to a favourite chocolate fix source. I’m not sure anyone has ever looked quite so pleased by a slice of cake before. Seriously though, it was pretty delicious.