Geneva Trip: Eating and Shopping Highlights

I stocked up on some of my favourite Swiss chocolate bars at Geneva airport.

The first week back at work has been a little overwhelming, especially as, alongside a fairly busy schedule, I’m starting to study for an exam in my spare time. The trip to Geneva already feels a long way away, but I still have quite a lot of photos from the trip I’d like to share, and in looking through them this morning, some of the ‘holiday feeling’ has started to come back.

In terms of food, I certainly enjoyed putting any thought of calorie counting aside and  delicious chocolate, wine, bread and cheese became the staples of my diet. The weather was cold enough to make me crave a classic fondue, so Mum and I set off for a favourite restaurant in the Old Town:


I also enjoyed visiting a few of my favourite shops:

Bookbinders Design is a Swedish company that specialize in beautiful handcrafted stationery.

Scapa is one of my favourite designers for beautifully tailored clothes.

And discovered some new gems:

For olive addicts like myself, Olivier & Co is a little slice of heaven. I bought some delicious olive oil and tapenade to take home, and it was a big effort to restrain myself to only these purchases.

Mercerie Catherine B is a treasure trove for crafty folk. I spent ages sifting through all the beautiful kits and threads.

I (no doubt rather predictably!) bought the kit to embroider the Passion Chocolat sampler. Isn’t it sweet? It’ll be such fun to make it. I foresee a summer filled with my awaiting embroidery projects.

Finally, I managed a little bit of shopping before heading to the airport for our return flight to London. We paid a last minute stop to the French shopping centre Val Thoiry which has a Petit Bateau shop. To my delight, they had this jumper left in my size. Stupidly, after mentioning these cable knit sweaters in this post, I’d waited too long to buy one myself, and UK shops are now sold out in my size. I am so pleased to have got one now and adore the bright blue colour.

As you can see, in terms of shopping and eating, I certainly made the most of my four days!