Exciting Announcement!

miranda's notebookPhotograph by Diana Patient

I’m  so thrilled to announce that Miranda’s Notebook will be officially relaunched in September. There will be a whole new site, with a fresh look and  beautiful illustrations by Fall into London. I’ll continue to focus on Lifestyle blogging and will be writing predominately about Fashion, Food, London and Travel. I’m busy planning and writing and can’t wait to share the new blog with you all. The 1 month countdown has begun!

Thank you so much for your patience!

Miranda xxx

Hampstead, You’re Beautiful (Part 1)

I recently gave David Gentleman’s London, You’re Beautiful as a gift to someone, and I loved the look of it so much I had to get myself a copy too! I’m so glad I did, as this beautiful book is a must for anyone with a soft spot for Britain’s capital. Gentleman’s drawings are exquisite and wonderfully capture London in all its glory throughout the changing seasons. The book has inspired me to keep my own kind of scrapbook of my favourite corners of London. This afternoon, then, when I gave up trying to ignore the sunshine and concentrate on studying, I took my camera along with me as I went for a ramble among the backstreets of my little corner of Hampstead.

Exploring Hampstead is rather a bitter-sweet sensation for me at the moment, as I shall be moving in the autumn. Although I’m very excited about this move (and will still be in London!), I shall also be sorry to leave such a beautiful place behind. These photographs, then, serve as a reminder of my daily sights and walks during my ‘Hampstead years.’

City Love

I’m a real city girl. Whereas sometimes I feel I should be the sort of person who likes going for long country walks and collecting seashells on a beach, in reality there’s nothing I enjoy more than exploring a favourite city. Give me London, Paris or New York any day.

Naturally, I completely fell for the above posters by Blanca Gomez as soon as I spotted them in her Etsy shop. Each poster brilliantly captures the ‘feel’ of each city, and I love the quirky details and fantastic fonts.

For more urban-inspired prints, I’m rather taken with these hand paper cut city maps by Famille Summerbelle:

Paper cut map of London

Paper cut map of Paris

Aren’t they sweet?! Maps of New York and San Francisco are also available.

Finally, this gorgeous wallpaper has made me long for a trip to Paris:

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend, whether in town or country!