About Miranda

IMG_2199I use this site as a record of all things I enjoy relating to the Arts, crafts, cooking and baking, fashion, books and my favourite city in the world – London.

I write another blog, old fashioned girls, with my friend Rachel – do have a look!

If you wish to get in touch with me, please do! I’d be delighted to hear from you at: mirandasnotebookATgmailDOTcom


13 thoughts on “About Miranda

  1. I love your posts! I am from Washington DC, but I am currently living in Oxford, England and plan to make several stops to London during my stay. Are there any secret must-sees that you can recommend? I am trying to get the true London experience. I love New York and Paris just like you do so I think we probably have similar taste.


    • Thank you! There are so many places I love in London: I adore my own corner of the city, Hampstead – there are certainly lots of lovely historical houses (Burgh House, Fenton House, 2 Willow Road) to see (two of which I’ve worked at!) and delicious stops for tea and cake (Gail’s Bakery and Ginger & White). Hampstead Heath is definitely a must-see too if you haven’t been before. Highgate (just a short bus ride or walk across the Heath away) is lovely as well, with its famous cemetery (and I can recommend High Tea of Highgate for tea and cake!). Other favourite corners of mine are: Lamb’s Conduit Street in Bloomsbury (I worked at Persephone Books, a rather charming publishing house / book shop which is definitely worth a trip, plus Bea’s of Bloomsbury with it’s scrumptious cupcakes is only round the corner….); Islington (lots of lovely shops!); Hackney and Bethnal Green (check out Violet Cakes / Loafing / The Geffrye Museum / V&A Museum of Childhood / The Gallery Cafe / Cheshire Street shops / Columbia Road flower market); Fleet Street and Middle / Inner Temple (Temple Church is gorgeous and a favourite quiet corner of mine is Fountain Square, which Charles Dickens also appreciated! Also, one of my very first jobs in London was at Dr Johnson’s House in Gough Square, which I still think of as a very special place and well worth a trip). On weekends, you’ll often find me heading to Liberty and/or the Royal Academy of Arts – always favourite places! Goodness, I seem to have bombarded you with a lot of information, but I do hope you find some of this useful and enjoy your trips to the city!

  2. Miranda:

    Your writing and photographs just charmed my world. You write about books the way I wish I could articulate from my own readings and the way in which you capture your surroundings is that of a 21st century romantic (so very Kathleen Kelly).
    I saw your above recommendations for London jaunts and I took thorough note. I’m coming in two months time with two fellow old-fashioned bloggers and I am breathless with readiness. Persephone Books will be the #1 stop on my pilgrimage. I’m quite envious of your work experience there… especially as I was coming prepared to beg a position there if I must 😉
    I know I won’t want to leave London.
    It’s already inside my head.


  3. Couldn’t help but notice that you said you used to work at Persephone Books- I love bookshops, and after my boyfriend’s mum recommended the bookshop to me, I actively hunted it out and absolutely fell in love with it when I visited!

    • It’s a gorgeous bookshop (with of course, equally gorgeous books!). I love Lamb’s Conduit Street, too – the perfect place for window shopping on breaks. I have just popped over to your blog – it’s delightful! Such yummy looking recipes.

      • Aw, thank you! I am excited to read more of your posts- you have such a lovely blog! Thank you for stopping by Life Is Like A Dumpling 🙂

  4. Hello Miranda – I very much enjoy both blogs. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to work at Persephone (I work at Warner, which, as you probably know, is just round the corner) and it’s always struck me that as one of the most calming places in the world – which surely must mean it’s a hotbed of intrigue?!

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