Smile: It’s the Weekend!

I thought I would start a regular Friday feature, in which I share a few things that have kept me smiling through the week, and will hopefully see you smiling into the weekend!

1. Discovering new perfumes.

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 2.58.16 PM

I always seem to have sample files of perfume lurking at the bottom of my handbag. On a whim, I fished out Space NK’s Laughter Jour the other day and squirted it on my wrist. To my surprise, I absolutely loved it. It’s very light and fresh and perfect for everyday wear. Their Laughter Nuit is rather nice too, and suitably a little more glam.

2. Laughing out loud.

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 3.08.51 PM

This blog is hilarious. I discovered it just this week, as I’d heard great things about blog founder Esther Walker’s new cookbook. Having read the book introduction visible on the amazon preview, I immediately bought the kindle edition and searched google for the blog. I chuckled my way through past posts and will start the book asap. Walker has a wonderfully human and incredibly funny writing style that warms you to her instantly. The recipes look pretty yummy too!

3. Learning about wine.

pairing wine with food

I enjoy wine, although know hardly anything about it. Thanks to my (ever trendy) Grandmother, I discovered the brilliant Wine Folly, a blog about wine for novices and seller of some fantastic posters to further your wine knowledge.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!



5 thoughts on “Smile: It’s the Weekend!

  1. Thank you! I have started following the cooking blog now just after reading the first post and I’m tempted to go and buy some top up ingredients so I can make Rocky Road this afternoon.

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