Happy New Year!

I hope you have all been enjoying the holiday celebrations. I’ve had a fabulous time welcoming the new year. It was a bit hard to say good-bye to 2012, as it was quite a special year for me, but 2013 is already looking like it will be equally fantastic.

The lovely Rachel came to visit, and we planned some fun treats for the last few days of the holidays. We  ahhhed in appreciation of the fireworks and sang Auld Lang Syne squashed in with hundreds of people in front of the London Eye, before heading back to friends’ house party to toast with champagne.

The real highlight of Rachel’s visit was some wonderful theatre. After reading Mary’s brilliant review, we were keen to see The Dark Earth and the Light Sky at the Almeida theatre.

116690270_dark-eart_356560cThe Dark Earth and the Light Sky, Almeida Theatre 2012-13. Image via here.

I was blown away by the incredible performances of all the actors and the beautifully written script, which was touched with both great wit and heart-wrenching poignancy. The Dark Earth and the Light Sky explores the poet Edward Thomas’ complicated relationships with his wife Helen and great friends Eleanor Farjeon and Robert Frost. Thomas’ plight as a burgeoning poet and his struggle to understand his place in the world is told through the different perspectives of each of the characters surrounding him, and scenes flip from present to future so that the tragic end to his story casts a shadow from the start. I was completely gripped by the play and am now eager to see other productions at the Almeida. We had gone for the cheapest £8 seats, which were barely a restricted view and were very close to the stage. At less than the price of a movie ticket, a trip to the Islington theatre is a fantastic way to have a memorable night out.

kiss-me-kate_2410980bKiss Me Kate, Old Vic 2012-13. Image via here.

Another brilliant theatre experience was seeing Kiss Me Kate at the Old Vic. In contrast to The Dark Earth and the Light Sky, this sparkling musical was full of fun and laughter. The production was wonderful with stunning sets and costumes, and the (almost) 3 hours simply flew by! I particularly enjoyed the dazzling rendition of It’s Too Darn Hot. This show was a real feel-good, and Rachel and I left with huge smiles on our faces.

2013 is a lot of fun so far, and I’m very excited by what lies ahead.


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