My Rachel Riley Summer

All dresses and boleros shown in this post are Rachel Riley.

I think that whenever I look back on the summer of 2012 I’ll have a big smile on my face. After a busy few months full of end-of-term chaos, back injury, an exam and endless paper work to surmount, I was very ready for a break by the end of July. So far, the summer has been a perfect mix of rest and activity.

I’ve very much enjoyed having the time to read (this book is wonderful), go to the cinema, make new friends and catch up with old, attend a meeting of my craft club, drink Pimms, see a great exhibition and play, eat a cheese platter at La Fromagerie, walk along the beach at Canford Cliffs in Dorset, discover new areas of London, picnic in Kensington Gardens, become a little yoga obsessed (this website is *amazing*), paint my nails silly colours and – most excitingly – flat hunt.

I’m not the only one in a good mood. Everyone in London is full of Olympic fervour and – unusually – national pride. Public transport is (for the most part) running like a breeze, and even at large stations like Waterloo, far from dodging manic pedestrian hordes, I’m only trying to avoid the bucket loads of free ice-lollies that are constantly handed out.

I must admit though, that the Olympics have rather faded into the background for me as I am caught up in my own private adventure this summer. The next couple of months are going to see a great deal of change, and I have to keep reminding myself not to wish the next few weeks away, but to live in the moment and to savour the last of my time in Hampstead.

When I look back on this summer, though, I am not sure I will think of it as ‘the summer I moved,’ or the ‘London Olympics,’ as much as ‘my Rachel Riley summer.’ Rachel Riley has been one of my most exciting recent discoveries, and I must admit I went a little mad in the fantastic summer sale. The dresses I bought (pictured above) have provided a wonderful uniform for the hotter months: simple, beautifully made cotton dresses with a vintage feel and unusual prints. I love the Rachel Riley shop on Marylebone highstreet and can’t recommend a trip there highly enough. Most of the clothes are made for children, but a wide selection is also available for women at the back of the shop. Also, do have a very good rummage in the sample sale boxes, which is where I found one of my very favourite purchases – the navy dress with the polka dot bow. I know I am going to be wearing these dresses for years to come, but they’ll also always remind me of my lovely summer in 2012.

14 thoughts on “My Rachel Riley Summer

  1. These dresses are lovely, the picture with the sea is fabulous. I could probably pull off only the navy dress which I cannot stop looking at but you look fantastic in all of them. x

  2. I used to walk past the Rachel Riley shop in Kensington on my way to work years ago…and always wished I could afford those lovely dresses! You look gorgeous in them! This summer will be memorable for me for many reasons besides the Olympics too – lots of change and new beginnings…exciting! And new friends of course! 🙂

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