Paris in Colour

I recently discovered photographer Nichole Robertson’s blog Little Brown Pen, and, charmed by the beautiful pictures and snapshots of Parisian life, straight away ordered her book, Paris in Colour. It arrived today, and I have been pouring over it all evening, absolutely delighted by the stunning photographs. Robertson’s brilliant eye for detail and colour bring Paris to joyful life and makes me feel as though I were touring the city with her, visiting markets and sipping coffee on the sidewalk. This book would make a perfect gift for any lovers of design, photography, or the city itself. It’s also the ideal treat to buy yourself if, like me, you’re a lover of all things francophone and feel like taking a little trip to the City of Light (and colour), without even leaving your armchair.

All photographs by Nichole Robertson. Images found via here.


9 thoughts on “Paris in Colour

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