Hampstead, You’re Beautiful (Part 1)

I recently gave David Gentleman’s London, You’re Beautiful as a gift to someone, and I loved the look of it so much I had to get myself a copy too! I’m so glad I did, as this beautiful book is a must for anyone with a soft spot for Britain’s capital. Gentleman’s drawings are exquisite and wonderfully capture London in all its glory throughout the changing seasons. The book has inspired me to keep my own kind of scrapbook of my favourite corners of London. This afternoon, then, when I gave up trying to ignore the sunshine and concentrate on studying, I took my camera along with me as I went for a ramble among the backstreets of my little corner of Hampstead.

Exploring Hampstead is rather a bitter-sweet sensation for me at the moment, as I shall be moving in the autumn. Although I’m very excited about this move (and will still be in London!), I shall also be sorry to leave such a beautiful place behind. These photographs, then, serve as a reminder of my daily sights and walks during my ‘Hampstead years.’

6 thoughts on “Hampstead, You’re Beautiful (Part 1)

  1. Oh I do think Hampstead must be one of the most beautiful places in London! But it will be so nice to have you out this way. And good luck with the studies. Is the exam coming up soon? Love, K x

  2. Stunning photos, such a lovely place. And the wisteria everywhere! Mine is not flowering for the second year now, I am bit scared as I read that if it is grown from a seed (which I don’t know) it might take 20 years to flower!!

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