Geneva Trip: a Day in Nyon

Nyon is such a lovely Swiss town, and it reminds me a lot of Hampstead – there are lots of twisting uphill streets, pretty cafes and stylish shops. What makes Nyon special is the frequent spectacular views of the lake. Unfortunately, it was raining quite hard when we spent a day wandering around the town and was generally quite bleak and grey. The weather didn’t faze me much though as I was so thrilled to be walking the old, familiar streets.

I went to high school at this branch of the International School of Geneva and so, with Nyon quite close by, would regularly head to a favourite cafe, Rapp, with some friends after school for the best frappes (milkshakes) around. Sadly, Rapp wasn’t serving frappes when I went this time (they must think they’re seasonal, hah!), so I had to make do with hot chocolate and cake (it’s a tough life). The rest of the time was spent exploring other old haunts and favourite walks, feeling rather like I had slipped back in time to my 18 year old self.


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