Travel Kit

Audrey Hepburn. Image via here.

Tomorrow morning, I am flying to Geneva for a few days to see my Dad, catch up with some friends and visit some old haunts. I went to secondary school in Switzerland so know the area pretty well, and it still feels like home whenever I go back. Sadly, the weather is set to be rather cold and rainy, but as I’m planning on holing up in cafes and visiting some favourite shops for much of the time anyway, I’m not unduly worried.

I’ve been busy doing some last minute shopping and packing my bag this afternoon. I’m trying to pack light as I’ll only be away until Saturday, but I still seem to have an amazing amount of stuff! I thought I’d share some of my travel essentials:

1. Pretty washbags.

2. Flat shoes.

3. My iphone, recently uploaded with some good reads, including this book which I am reading for a book group I just joined. (Other excellent airplane reads are this, this and this).

4. Lip balm.

5. My Clarisonic Mia.

6. A great mask for when you have to get up at the crack of dawn to get to the airport.

7. Eye make-up remover pads.

8. A camera (this one is awaiting me in Geneva, squee!).

9. Sample vials of a light, fresh perfume.

10. Hair ties.

I am bringing my laptop with me so will hope to blog some Geneva adventures over the next few days. In the meantime, au revoir!


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