Shades of Green

Chanel top, skirt and jacket (ok, so I know I said that I hoped to inspire with outfits that don’t cost a small – or large – fortune, and now here I am in Chanel. I, however, am very lucky to have a Great Uncle who used to work for Chanel, and over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to receive a few items passed on to me and purchased at employee-only sales. I would also say that it’s always worth checking out secondhand designer and charity shops  – there are some great ones in Hampstead and West Hampstead); Tamara Fogle bag; Wolford tights (another Harrods summer sale purchase);  Otazu earrings; I can’t remember where the shoes came from (and the make has worn off) – I think I picked them up years ago on sale in a shop in Dorset.

It’s back to reality and grey skies today, but goodness, we really did have blissful weather in London on Sunday. See that pic above? Bare arms!! I spent a perfect afternoon in Hampstead: lobster for lunch at one of my favourite local pubs, The Horseshoe, followed by a stroll around and a trip to the best shop in Hampstead (which happens to sell Tamara Fogle bags, and I must admit I couldn’t refrain from spending some of my hard-earned cash on the gorgeous apple green bag new in stock). Like I said, a perfect afternoon!


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