Holding out for Spring

Brora dress (from last year’s archive sale, reduced to £29 from almost £200); Toast cardigan (and yes, you’ve guessed it, another archive sale purchase); Wolford tights (bought in the Harrod’s Summer Sale a few years ago); Repetto shoes; Chemin Blancs coat (now 12 years old!); Reiss hat; Alex Monroe necklace.

I’ve been loving the warmer weather London has been getting lately. Last weekend I took advantage of the sunny skies to pull on a spring-like dress (albeit with a Shetland wool cardigan!) and wander around Soho and Covent Garden. Tea, conversation and cinnamon rolls were had with friends from New York at one of my favourite haunts, The Nordic Bakery in Golden Square, followed by a gloriously colourful amble round Neal’s Yard. Spring is definitely in the air!


8 thoughts on “Holding out for Spring

  1. Broras great but so expensive, I was lucky to once have a friend who worked there that gave me discounts.

    I used to work right there in Neals Yard Remedies during Uni days…good times

    Great post!

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