Oh those grey rainy days

Jacket: Weekend Max Mara (8-9 years old); Top: Toast (bought for £15 in their archive sale); Jeans: Acne (bought on sale 3 years ago); Bag: Tamara Fogle (gifted); Boots: Chanel (bought in an employee only sale 4 years ago); Scarf: made by me using Liberty fabric; Ring and Earrings: gifted; Umbrella: Morris & Co; Nail varnish: Chanel, Image Rose (gifted)

I’ve been feeling a little stuck in a rut in terms of fashion lately. I adore clothes, but I’ve become a bit lazy in what I choose to wear everyday. During the week I’m generally in jeans and a stripey top, which is practical for work, but I’ve noticed that all too often I’m throwing on the same outfits (or lounging around in my sweats) on the weekend. In an attempt to get back to my more fashion conscious self, I’m planning a lot more ‘outfit’ posts on this blog. I hope these posts may provide some inspiration for my readers too: I’m not very focused on the latest ‘it’ item or fashion label; instead I’m interested in putting outfits together using classic pieces.

I’m very against the modern trend in buying quantity over quality. Much of my wardrobe is made up of clothes I have had for years and years and that still look brand new.  Also, I’m never a snob over sales: I buy almost everything on sale, preferably at least 50% off! I hope to show that it is possible to find beautiful clothes that will last for years at not ridiculous prices.

I’m a bit of a bore on the subject of scarfs, but I do love them. I think they’re the perfect way to transform any outfit. Even better, they’re so easy to make! My heart sinks at the prices whenever I walk into the Liberty scarf hall (a wonderful source of inspiration, at least), but at the fraction of the price I can make my own wonderfully unique Liberty scarf.

Perfect for brightening up a rainy day in Hampstead!


8 thoughts on “Oh those grey rainy days

  1. LOVE the photos, and LOVE the outfit Miranda. Every single item is brilliant and the boots – oh my! And it doesn’t look rainy or grey in the least.

    I am the same with sales and quality of clothing, I hardly ever buy anything full price. x

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