Petit Bateau and Garance Doré

Snow is lying inches deep outside, but I’m snuggled up in my flat dreaming of spring and sunshine.

Petit Bateau’s new collection, in partnership with the brilliant Garance Doré, has reminded me that, despite the weather, warmer days are on the way. I adore these simple, charming jumpers that look so fresh and relaxed. The only problem is deciding which colour! I do like the bright pink and blue:

The little video promoting the collection made me smile:

In the meantime, I’m consoling myself over the freezing weather with a cup of hot chocolate, casting on for a new cowl and an afternoon catching up the brilliant Borgen.

10 thoughts on “Petit Bateau and Garance Doré

    • I envy you the lack of snow – I am not really in the mood for it at the moment! Yes, my new yarn has indeed arrived – I’m so pleased with it 🙂 I’m getting terribly addicted to the honey cowls!

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