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For various reasons, I got barely any sleep this past week so now I’m enjoying a very relaxed weekend. The only commitment I’ve made is to go have tea and scones at a friend’s this afternoon – hardly strenuous!

Taking it easy and drinking gallons of tea has meant I’ve had time to catch-up on blogs and do a little internet browsing.

I’m still rather hoping this breakfast will magically appear before me.

If you’re trying to stay away from sweet things this year, aromatherapy might help your cravings. I’m a little doubtful about how much mint can do for me, so I’ve also stocked up on a few of these for when only chocolate will do (at under 45 calories a cup, it’s a surprisingly tasty drink).

I LOVE this bag (thanks to A Bowl of Mush for first drawing it to my attention). After all, one can’t be virtuous all the time.

Pretty yarn makes me want to get my needles out.

How’s your astrological year looking?

Fancy a challenge?

The prettiest cake I’ve ever seen.

Simplicity is touching.

These make me laugh.

Three of a kind to cheer up a wintry day.

Happy weekend everyone!


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