Highlights of the Festive Season

Here are a few of the things that I have been enjoying in the build-up to Christmas which kept me feeling festive and helped to make December such a special month this year.

  • Scottie dog lights from thinkgadgets draped around my bookcase.
  • Lots and lots of knitting. This year I made several chunky cowls for Christmas and December birthday gifts. Currently I am knitting myself this cowl in this wool (I love the fact the yarn is called Betty Draper’s Blues).

Spaniards Inn

  •  Mulled wine and good company at the Spaniards Inn make a perfect winter’s evening.
  • Early morning flat whites at Loafing certainly helped me get through the last week prior to holidays.

  • A beautiful brooch by the incredibly talented Vanessa Cabban brightened up even the dreariest of days. The gorgeous button in the centre is made by Laura Walker. Not surprisingly, all of Vanessa’s brooches sold out almost immediately, but I do hope she makes more soon!
  • Listening to Nutcracker music using my new iPod dock: I’d forgotten what proper speakers sound like!
  • This Emily Sutton Christmas card – I sent out a couple dozen, but kept one for me, which I think I’ll frame so I can enjoy it every Christmas.

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